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ShipPlanner | Financial & Commercial Planning Tool

ShipPlanner is a financial and commercial planning tool combining financial accounts information with commercial management scenario planning. It produces separate ship-project financial results as well as consolidated IAS accounts for commercial return assessment, equity share price evaluation and debt service and borrowing requirement forecasts.

The basic template is tailored by Theisen to each client’s specific requirements; from a single ship project to a 100+ ship fleet consolidating under different divisions to an overall corporate picture. Earnings and operating costs forecast for different ship types and sub-types can be added from internal management budgets, from third party forecasts or from Theisen’s own forecasting models. Accounts can be compared to division budgets and reconciled to audited accounting statements.

ShipPlanner is available as a secure sever application for remote access by clients and designated providers of capital in connection with capital raising, financial monitoring and compliance.

Omnibus Finance | Shipping Fund

Omnibus Finance is a senior, secured shipping loan fund currently under development by Theisen. It is designed to provide “through the cycle” borrowing solutions for middle-market shipping borrowers active in the Dry Bulk Carrier, Tanker and Container Ship shipping segments.

Regulatory Status

Theisen Securities Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.